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Should I go for a shaker kitchen?

What is a shaker kitchen and how can it work for you?

Should I go for a shaker kitchen?

When initially searching for a kitchen, it can be an overwhelming process with hundreds of styles to choose from. Therefore, we thought that we would introduce you to one particular kitchen style that is popular across many households, shaker style kitchens!

We understand that you may have little to no knowledge of the kitchen industry and be unaware of the characteristics and components of each kitchen range. In this blog, our 1909 kitchen suppliers have detailed some key things to know about shaker kitchens and how they can adapt effortlessly in any home.

What is a shaker kitchen?

The easiest way to identify a shaker kitchen is to look at the kitchen doors, cabinets and drawers as they have a flat panel centre and a raised surrounding rectangular frame. This simplistic design gives a clean and chic aesthetic that can fit well in any home. These 1909 in-frame kitchens can be painted in a palette of colours and feature various finishes such as gloss, granite and anything else that suits your taste.

Why should I choose a shaker kitchen?

As mentioned previously, the kitchen industry is filled with hundreds of ranges for you to choose from and it can be hard to know which one you should go for. A 1909 kitchen is guaranteed to leave you impressed, especially a shaker kitchen range.


No matter what look and feel your home possesses, a 1909 shaker kitchen will fit in beautifully into any scenario and can be adapted very easily. The versatility of this kitchen range is a naturally highlighting factor and something that most people love. Simplistic in-frame kitchen design being appreciated by all tastes and preferences.


Whether you are seeking a modern aesthetic or something more traditional, a 1909 shaker kitchen can be tailored to work well in your home. Create your bespoke kitchen to include your favourite aspects, finishes and features. A shaker kitchen can easily be created in the material and finish of your choice, whether that be the entire kitchen or certain elements of it that you choose to look different.


The last thing you want to experience is needing to replace your new kitchen after only a short period of time. With a shaker kitchen, you won’t have to worry about that as all 1909 kitchens are of an impressively high standard and are designed to be extremely durable under any circumstances and partner well with your lifestyle.

Easy to clean

The simplistic but beautiful kitchen design of a shaker style means that it is much easier to keep clean and clutter-free. The perfect amount of kitchen worktop space for your activities and enough kitchen storage to give everything a home and not build up on the side!

Easy to clean surfaces with your in-frame shaker style kitchen means that you won’t dread getting it done and can enjoy your time in the kitchen, making the most of your new envious space.

1909 kitchens

At 1909 by Aristocraft, we have a dedicated kitchen showroom in Leamington Spa that showcases all our stunning ranges. Take a visit to see what you can expect from our shaker kitchens and how they can work in your home. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more, please get in touch with our 1909 kitchen suppliers to find the perfect range for you and discuss your options.

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