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Step into Summer with a 1909 Kitchen

Discover how a 1909 kitchen can make your summer even better!

Step into Summer with a 1909 Kitchen

Summer is truly on its way with us all appreciating the lighter and warmer days that are here to enjoy. Start your summer by upgrading your home to include a 1909 kitchen range that you are guaranteed to be delighted with.

Our 1909 kitchens are perfect for many occasions and purposes, from preparing food to hosting a party, the versatility caters for various situations perfectly.

Summer garden parties

With the sun shining, it’s a great time to welcome friends and family over for some summer garden or kitchen parties! Your new 1909 kitchen can be the perfect social hub that enables you to present food and drinks in an envious space, impress your guests not just with the food but your kitchen too.

Having a BBQ to kick-start the summer season? Our 1909 kitchens are the ideal space for your culinary skills and laying out all the condiments and extras. 1909 kitchen worktops allow you to have sufficient space for your food prep to avoid any unnecessary stress when cooking. Make use of your new kitchen and try out some delicious summer recipes that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

A 1909 kitchen emits a timeless British feel that can work well in any home, whether you are looking for a modern look or something more traditional, we have the right range for you. This summer, you can proudly show off your kitchen to friends and family and be the talk of the town!

Have you been browsing the best kitchen ranges or considered upgrading the room in your home? Now is the ideal time to get started. Let the sun light up your dream kitchen that our kitchen designers can help you to plan and make a reality.

Kitchen storage

If you are anticipating having guests over, the last thing they want to see is clutter in your kitchen or overcrowding, so a 1909 kitchen range leaves no opportunity for this to happen. Clever 1909 kitchen storage gives everything a home and avoids clutter mounting up on your kitchen worktops, keeping a clean and impressive look in your home.

As mentioned previously, you can feel proud of your kitchen and how it looks, especially with our well-thought-out storage methods such as deep layered kitchen drawers, pantries, built-in cupboards and technology.


Partner your new kitchen with some up-to-date technology that can really up your game. Fitted ovens, dishwashers and more to free up space in your kitchen and appear open and sleek alongside quality products that can make your summer living easier.

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Our kitchen suppliers can talk through your options and how a 1909 kitchen can work for you. This kitchen range can suit all preferences and be customised to your liking so that you get a truly bespoke kitchen. Get in touch with our kitchen suppliers to see how this can work in your home and truly improve your summer!

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