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Summer kitchen design inspiration

How can you make a 1909 kitchen ready for summer? From fitted furniture to colour choices, it can all make a difference.

Summer kitchen design inspiration

If you are new to the kitchen design industry, it can be tricky to know where to start with your plans and who to seek help from. Our team of kitchen designers have detailed some inspiration and ideas that you could consider to prepare your 1909 kitchen for summer.

Why choose a 1909 kitchen?

As we said, there are many kitchen ranges on the market, so why should you choose a 1909 kitchen?

• British timeless designs

• Versatile for any home

• Affordable kitchens

• Trusted kitchen suppliers

• Kitchen designers available to help

Find out more about what you should know about a 1909 kitchen in our recent blog.

How can you make your kitchen ready for summer?

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands can be a statement feature in your 1909 kitchen and become a perfect addition for the summer season. Whether you want to use the kitchen island for a social hosting spot or space to prepare the food for your summer BBQ, it is extremely multi-purpose to have in your kitchen.

Kitchen islands are an envious part of your kitchen and will immediately upgrade the room. Create an envious space and invite over family and friends to enjoy your kitchen with you. Perfect for enabling your chef skills to be put to the test with new summer recipes or hosting refreshments for any guests to your home. 1909 kitchens can fit into any home and be bespoke to your preferences but a kitchen island can make a huge positive difference.

Kitchen worktop space

If you are planning to create some fantastic summer recipes or like the thought of having a good amount of kitchen worktop space, you should remember this in your kitchen design. Don't leave yourself short and make use of the fantastic countertops that you have available. Cook your favourite summer meals or keep it clear for an organised and envious aesthetic.


If you are wanting your 1909 kitchen to be bright and appealing for the summertime, you should carefully consider the colours and finishes in your kitchen design. Speak to our professional kitchen designers to find out what colours and materials work best for the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Whether you want to keep a traditional feel or contemporise your kitchen, this can be helped with various colour matches and finishings of worktops and cupboards.

If a simple canvas kitchen is your preference, you could factor in some splashes of colour in other areas to match the warm weather vibes. Your walls and cupboards don’t need to be coloured to achieve a vibrant aesthetic, you can cleverly add drops of colour throughout your 1909 kitchen. Pictures on the wall, coloured kitchenware or accents on your kitchen handles, drawers and many more options.

Fitted kitchens

A 1909 fitted kitchen can look sleek and aesthetically pleasing with the help of fitted items such as ovens, dishwashers and more. This flush appearance can make your kitchen look a lot more modern and provide you with a lot more space in and around your kitchen. An open and spacious kitchen is well suited to summer and can look significantly better than a cluttered kitchen design.

Speak to our team

If you would like to talk over your kitchen design ideas and put them into perspective, our team of 1909 kitchen suppliers can do exactly that. Let us help create your dream 1909 kitchen this summer and show you how it can work within your home.

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