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Things to think about when designing a new kitchen

Discover the crucial things to consider when designing a kitchen and how 1909 kitchens can work for you.

Things to think about when designing a new kitchen

The process of designing and getting a new kitchen can sometimes be overwhelming and little things may be overlooked. Our professional 1909 kitchen suppliers have set out some things to consider when you are thinking of designing your dream kitchen.


The layout of your kitchen is a vital part to choose and think about when going through kitchen design ideas. You should take into account the size of your household, who will be using the kitchen and how much space you need. Ensure there is sufficient room around the kitchen to walk through and access everything that you need, rather than small and narrow borders.

Kitchen island

If you are thinking about implementing a kitchen island into your plans, our kitchen designers recommend that you think about the intended use of this feature and what you would like to get from it. From this, you can choose the best kitchen island to suit these needs, whether it be for cooking or a space for hosting family and friends entertainment.

Worktop space

You don’t want to leave yourself short of workspace and be left scrambling for places to put or prepare things. Work with our team of kitchen designers to plan a great amount of space that is great for cooking and can be easy to keep clean.


Partnered with the perfect worktop space should be good lighting throughout the kitchen. Good lighting allows you to safely prepare food and keep a bright and open environment that looks good. There are many innovative ways to light your kitchen, speak to our 1909 kitchen suppliers to discover what will work best with your home.


Have you thought about a colour scheme in your kitchen designs? You can add colour throughout your kitchen in many ways such as countertops, cupboards, features and more. Colour can help add character to a room and achieve the desired look you are wanting to achieve, whether that is contemporary or more traditional feels.


It is important that you consider a budget for a kitchen and research how much it costs to build a new kitchen. This can show you what you can get within your price range and get the best kitchen ranges available. The 1909 kitchen range is great quality and affordable, embracing natural materials and giving a timeless British feel. Find out how a 1909 kitchen can work in your home and within your budget.

1909 kitchens

If you are looking for a new kitchen, the 1909 kitchen range could be perfect for your home. Speak to our team of professional kitchen designers who are available to answer any questions and help with the planning of your new room. You won’t be disappointed in your choice of kitchen range and are guaranteed to be left with exceptional results.

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