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What should you know about 1909 kitchens?

Take a read of this blog about 1909 kitchens and what you can expect from these stunning ranges.

What should you know about 1909 kitchens?

With there being lots of other kitchen ranges on the market, our kitchen suppliers thought to give you an introduction to a 1909 kitchen and what you can expect from this.

Designed in Britain

If you are looking for a British feel kitchen, the 1909 range can be an excellent choice for your home. Classic timber kitchens with two appearances, shaker style and slab, to suit all kitchen designs and preferences.

Feel proud of your traditional British kitchen as it is made with extremely high-quality products that effortlessly leave you with exceptional results. The 1909 range is widely adaptable and can work well in any setting whilst meeting the modern-day demands of a kitchen.

Affordable kitchens

When you think of receiving the finest quality and impressive kitchens, you associate a high-end cost coming with it, but not with our 1909 kitchen ranges. We provide affordable kitchens that are of the best quality, meaning you’re investing in a durable kitchen that hasn’t been accompanied by a huge price tag.

Feel confident in knowing that your 1909 kitchen will be great for many uses such as cooking, socialising and anything else you like to use it for, and will last you a significant amount of time, without the need to constantly be replacing elements of it.

Kitchen storage

To get the full potential of your new kitchen and achieve an envious aesthetic, you should try and avoid bulky kitchen storage that can become an eye-sore to the room. Large kitchen items such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and more, can alter the aesthetic of your room and so our 1909 kitchens provide a great solution.

Our kitchen designers cleverly create your kitchen to present storage in the best way possible, whether this is through fitted kitchen items, pull out and deep kitchen drawers, custom partitioned cupboards, and many other innovative ways. Storage doesn’t have to look unappealing, it can look sleek and meet the needs of your household with a 1909 kitchen.

Everything can have a home with our 1909 kitchen range and can prevent the room from seeming cluttered and untidy, adding to the beautiful look and feel of your kitchen. A bright and open room with space and clear kitchen worktops can naturally make a place feel incredibly inviting and you can add a bespoke feel to reflect the look you are wanting to achieve.

Find out more about our 1909 kitchen storage.


These beautiful shaker style kitchens can be available in a choice of 35 carefully created colours. Industry-leading kitchen designers have chosen these shades so that they equally suit traditional and contemporary homes, meaning they will suit all types of tastes and preferences and look good in any setting.

Whether you want a splash of colour in your 1909 kitchen or like the idea of neutral tones, you can discover which looks best with the help of our kitchen designers.

Take a look at the colours available for your painted in-frame shaker style 1909 kitchens.

Kitchen Showrooms

It can be slightly overwhelming when shopping for a new kitchen due to there being so many options to choose from. It can be extremely beneficial to visit a kitchen showroom in Leamington Spa as it enables you to speak to our experts face-to-face and get all the information that you need. It can be frustrating to sit listening to the phone hold music for long periods of time or wait for a response via email, so take a trip to our 1909 kitchen showroom in Leamington Spa and get what you need immediately.

Gather inspiration from our displayed kitchens and truly understand what you do like and the elements that you aren’t set on. Ask our kitchen suppliers any questions that you have, and we can shed some light on the best options for you!

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